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Sergio Ramos and his l-inks to the past

Sergio Ramos and his l-inks to the past

Apologies, we’re a bit late giving coverage to this, something brought to our attention by Jay from Design Football. Recently, Sergio Ramos got some new tattoos – he must have felt that he was going short:

Some responses to his question floated the possibility that the 19 represented the age at which he learned to read, but it’s actually when he made his Spain debut in 2005, his country’s youngest player in 55 years only for Cesc Fabregas to take that record soon after.

The ’90+’ could represent more than a few late goals but specifically refers to his important equaliser against Atlético Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final, before Real won the game in extra time to win la decima, the club’s tenth European Cup/Champions League title.

The 32 and the 35 are squad-number related. When he made the breakthrough at Sevilla in 2003-04, he wore 35. For the following campaign, he was initially handed 32, but as his star rose his importance was reflected in a mid-season reassignment to 5 – it’s something which is rare in England but happens quite a bit in Spain.

We don’t know of any ‘5’ tattoo on Ramos’ person, but we assume that the ‘4’ in the rose on his wrist is because he has worn that number for Real Madrid since joining in 2005. He has worn 15 at every major finals for Spain since 2006, but we’re not aware of any such tat.

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Sergio Ramos and his l-inks to the past