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An England goalkeeper shirt with 9 on the back?

An England goalkeeper shirt with 9 on the back?

  • Thanks to Lee Hermitage for the picture from Ted Croker’s book.

We’ve mentioned England’s numbering at the 1982 World Cup in a previous post about sides who allocated digits alphabetically by surname.

It was quite a change for a country so used to traditional systems, but England didn’t go the full hog – captain Kevin Keegan was allowed to keep ‘his’ number 7 (he should have been 9), while goalkeepers Ray Clemence, Joe Corrigan and Peter Shilton were 1, 13 and 22 respectively.

Corrigan suffered an injury, however, and FIFA’s rules at the time prevented the calling-up of a replacement after the squad was submitted – eight years later, Dave Beasant would come in after David Seaman was ruled out.

It meant that England had to come up with a contingency if something happened to Clemence and/or Shilton. In his autobiography, The First Voice You Will Hear Is, the late Ted Croker, FA secretary from 1972-89, revealed that the plan was for Glenn Hoddle to play in goal if needed.

An Admiral yellow England goalkeeper shirt with number 9 on the back must be the rarest of all player-issues – we wonder what has happened to it?


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    July 12, 2017 at 20:36 — Reply

    And there’s me thinking that the whole Lehmann fiasco was a one off!

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An England goalkeeper shirt with 9 on the back?