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Edgar Davids – a number 1 hit

Edgar Davids – a number 1 hit

If you ask any 25-year-old and above football fan who was one of the greatest midfielders of their generation, the man in the orange glasses will almost certainly crop up.

The Dutch international was adored by football fans across the world, representing giants such as Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, and Inter Milan.

Davids spent most of his career in Italy, where he achieved the bulk of his success, winning the Serie A title no less than four times. Davids only played for Barcelona on loan, but he was still able to win over the hearts of their fans.

Since then, Barcelona failed to defend their La Liga title this campaign but remain favorites to take back their crown from Real Madrid, looking at the odds on football at Betfair. The expectation of them winning is at 5/6 on the outright market, however, the major hurdle for Real Madrid is that they need to pick up the momentum and actually make this happen.

Regardless, If you were to ask a Barnet fan about this former legendary midfielder, they might just have a different response to the rest.

For a period of time, and to the surprise of everyone, Edgar Davids took over at Barnet as their player-manager. It certainly felt like a game of Football Manager had come to life, that’s for sure.

In 2012, Davids was living a quiet life in North London, having retired after playing for Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace. Barnet, however, had other ideas and approached the Dutchman to be their new manager.

What was to follow, was a fair few out of the ordinary antics from the former Juventus midfielder. Straight away, Davids made himself number one, despite being an outfield player. He also selected himself as the team captain, starting himself in the heart of Barnet’s defense.

Despite being part of the managerial staff, he outright refused to play in away games which required him to stay over for the night.

His presence did not quite have the impact Barnet’s hierarchy had hoped for. After featuring in 30 league games, Davids was unable to help keep Barnet up, who were relegated out of the football league on the final day of the season.

Although Barnet dropped out of the Football League and were now plying their trade in the Conference, Davids stayed on in his role. However, his stint only lasted until January 2014, when he finally decided to leave the club.

Happy birthday Edgar Davids.Remember when the Dutch legend turned up at Barnet?What other bizarre moves can you think of?

Geplaatst door Match of the Day op Maandag 12 maart 2018

The decision was very much welcomed by Barnet fans, who had witnessed the Dutchman booked in each of his first eight matches, as well as three sending offs. Davids had clearly peaked fitness-wise, and he was struggling to come to terms with it after so many years playing elite-level football.

Davids turned quite a few heads when he agreed to become the manager at Barnet. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement, but their new “number one” failed to deliver and left Barnet as a failure for the first time in his career.

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Edgar Davids – a number 1 hit