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Why teams love/hate to have certain squad numbers

Why teams love/hate to have certain squad numbers

People are always talking of about what number is on the back of a player’s shirt, whether it’s a spirited argument about prescribed zones of play, what player was inexplicably left on the bench, or if there’s some supernatural luck tied to it all, I mean can squad numbers actually help with UK football predictions? We’re going to be talking about the strange relationship teams have with certain numbers.

First things first, what’s with the numbers in the first place? Why are they there?

Football squad numbers were created to specify what role a player is to take on the football field. Originally, these numbers specifically denoted what positions the player took on the field, and every player was numbered 1 to 11, with substitutes having higher numbers. These days, however, it is no longer a rule and is merely tradition to number players for their roles.

As the football history has moved forward there have been outstanding players that have donned certain numbers, these numbers have thus gone down in history, being reserved for players of a certain skill level or permanently retired not to be worn by anyone.

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Here are some numbers teams would love to have a player worthy enough to wear, hate to meet in a match or will never allow player another to put it on.

Number 7

This is a number usually dedicated to right-wingers, an iconic number worn by some truly skilled players, like Franck Ribéry, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Players who were and still are at the top of their game and have done the number proud.

Number 9

An epic number, given to players expected to live up to its legacy. This number is usually given to a team’s striker. It is expected that if you’re wearing a number 9 you’re going to be deadly near the penalty box and relentless with finishers. Players like Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski, and Samuel Eto’o have proven just how epic the number 9 can be.

Number 10

The legendary number 10 isn’t simply awarded to any player, it’s saved for the best of the best on a team. This number has been worn by some of footballs greatest legends, like Pele, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi. Every team would love to have a player skilled enough to don the number 10, and every team would hate to go up against a number 10

Retired squad numbers

Some teams retire certain numbers to honour a player that has made significant contributions to the team before leaving. Thus, no one on that team is ever allowed to wear that number. Some teams even retire the number 12 jersey for the fans, as a tribute to the lasting support they have received.

Teams will always love finding players worthy to be handed legendary status, or impactful enough to retire a whole jersey for them. By now every Team surely hates facing number 10 and 7 thanks to a couple of star players.

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Why teams love/hate to have certain squad numbers