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Max Verstappen revives an old Formula 1 tradition

Max Verstappen revives an old Formula 1 tradition

One constant across many different sports is the representation of a number assigned with a player or specific position, for some the purposes of these numbers are well known and for others they still remain something of a mystery.

When a player changes teams, wins something, or other adjustments are needed, there can often be a change in the squad number and wagering options have even become available for this very reason through sites like casinosnotongamstop.org for example, particularly for the biggest sports like football, where player numbers can hold some significance too – but how does this differ across sports?

In soccer, it has always remained relatively straightforward with the player’s position historically representing the number on his or her back. Number 1 was reserved for the goalkeeper at the back of the field and progressing through the defence, midfield, and to the front of the field with numbers even becoming representative of some players like the number 7 with Cristiano Ronaldo, or the number 10 with Lionel Messi. Some numbers have been retired over time and others already being secured by other players have led to larger numbers being represented on the field, but the formula remains the same with the numbers just being a representation of where a player fits on the field.

(Image from goal.com)

The same is also true in other sports like American football and ice hockey too, with the same formula remaining true where a certain number represents a certain position on the field, where some may become unavailable through retirement of star players too – but some sports do this differently and numbers can become representative of an athlete’s choice or brand.

This is most true in Formula 1. Traditionally, a team’s two drivers were numbered consecutively, with number 1 reserved for the reigning world champion and his team-mate taking 2. Since 2014, drivers have been able to choose their own numbers and some have built brands around their choice. Indeed, while the champion still has the option of taking 1, the last seven years have seen Lewis Hamilton stick with 44 while competing.

(Image from @Max33Verstappen)

However, for 2022, last year’s champion Max Verstappen – previously number 33 – has become the first to drive in the number 1 car since Sebastian Vettel, the last champion before Hamilton’s winning run.

“How many times do you get the opportunity to swap?” said Verstappen. “Number 1 is the best number out there so for me it was very straightforward to pick the number 1, and hopefully number 33 doesn’t come back next year!’’

It will be interesting to see how future champions approach this decision.


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Max Verstappen revives an old Formula 1 tradition