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Monday 11s – Bundesliga squad numbers quiz

Monday 11s – Bundesliga squad numbers quiz

Welcome to the latest edition of Monday 11s, our weekly squad number quiz!

This week’s squad number quiz is all about players who play or have played in the Bundesliga.

Let us know how you get on by tweeting @squadnos; best of luck!

Monday 11s – December 18th, 2017 – Bundesliga

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  1. Antonio Brifman
    August 22, 2018 at 18:44 — Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful article

  2. bvb
    January 11, 2018 at 16:37 — Reply

    okay i will start
    have a look at the final Team of world Cup 1990 :
    1 Illgner – 5 Augenthaler – 14 Berthold, 4 Kohler, 6 Buchwald, 3 Brehme – 8 Häßler , 10 Matthäus , 7 Littbarski – 18 Klinsmann, 9 Völler
    Berthold chosed his 14 from world Cup 86 and Euro 88, also Klinsmann did like euro 88. Give Berthold the 2 and Klinsmann the 11, then you got the normal German numbering System from 1-11.
    the 6 could be an midfielder number in an more offensive System, Buchwald sometimes also played midfield, but against a two Forward System he played defense.
    After world Cup Augenthaler and Littbarski ended their national Team Career.
    You got first Berthold playing Libero with 5 and Reuter with 2 on Right Back , still using the Position number.
    Later Binz come in as Libero, after Bertholds Red Card agaist Wales.
    Möller, Bein or Sammer came in for Littbarski, but let Häßler being 7 with Sammer 8.
    After Euro 92, Binz was off, Buchwald was first playing Libero using his 6 and let the 5 using by Helmer on Buchwalds Position.
    Olaf Thon played Libero then with 5 and Buchwald was 6 still on his real Position
    Buchwald again played Libero before Matthäus was it
    he uses his 10, Buchwald was 6 but mostly Played in midfield and Helmer or Berthold with 5 in defense.
    Then shortly Helmer played Libero with 5 which let Babbel played wíth 6 in defense
    Then Sammer played Libero with 6 and Helmer was again in the 4-men-defense.
    The 10 then went from Player to Player. Hässler was 10, if he missed Möller get 10 instead, if both missed Wosz and last but not least Basler instead of 8. Also Scholl was 7 if Möller was 10 oder missing or 8 instead. So other Players like Freund and Eilts have different numbers all the time.
    Later Thon came in for injured Sammer using the 6 at Libero.
    Before world Cup 98 Matthäus came Back with squad number 8.
    to be continued

  3. bvb
    January 10, 2018 at 16:46 — Reply

    ok. lets see. this was the last Season i talk about with numbers from 1-11. in 95/96 there were squad numbers.
    Talk about Dortmund and Bayerns Numbers then.
    Dortmund took the most of the first Eleven from 94/95 to squad numbers in 95/96
    1 Klos- 2 Reinhardt- 3 Schmidt- 4 Freund – 5 Cesar – 6 Sammer – 7 Reuter – 8 Zorc – 9 Chapuisat – 10 Möller – Riedle chosed his world Cup winning number 13, so the 11 was free for new Heiko Herrlich. 12 was reserve Goalkepper de Beer, 13 Riedle see above, 14 New Patrik Berger, in the Cruyff remembering way they told (he also wore it for czech Republik in euro 96), 15 New Jürgen Kohler (because of the 5 in it, he took 5 years later as Cesar left), 16 Kree (because of a 6 in it, his mostly worn number in Leverkusen) 17 was free for a new Forward, after Chapuisat and Riedle were still injured , see later. 18 was Ricken , 19 Kurz , 20 Kutowski and 21 Wolters (dont know if there were any reasons), 22 Tanko (maybe a double 11, he wore 33 at Freiburg later) 23 Tretschok (of his birthday, he also wore it at Köln and Hertha), 24 Franck, 25 Zelic (maybe a 5 in it), 26 Arnold.
    Ruben Sosa took number 27 instead of 17 because of beeing a unlucky number in Uruguay, so in winter Jörg Heinrich came from Freiburg and gets No. 17
    In Champions League there were no squad numbers this year. 1-11 must there be. Kohler mostly was 2 , only if Cesar missed, then he was 5. Reinhardt was sometimes 3 (Kree played at his Position sometimes) and in one Game Reinhardt was 11.

    Bayern made a mixup from the 94/95 both Systems. Kahn surely was 1, 2 Babbel, Ziege chosed his National Team Number from the both uS tournaments in 93, and he was surely beeing 17 at world Cup 94 if he wasnt injured, so Wagner was. – so 3 was reserve Player Dieter Frey, 4 Kreuzer and 5 Helmer were no surprises. 6 Nerlinger was sure as well i think. 7 Scholl took his normal number , New Strunz took the 8 of Schupp who went to Frankfurt, 9 Papin, 10 Matthäus were also no suprise. Klinsmann chosed his 18, so the 11 was given to Witeczek, 12 was Reserve Goalkeeper Scheuer, 13 was Kuffour this time, 14 New Sforza (he also make a Reply to Cruyff), 15 Sutter (no reason?) 16 was Hamann (he wore it also later for Germany) 17 Ziege (see above) 18 Klinsmann (see above) 19 Kostadinov (maybe a 9 in it), 20 New Herzog (because of double 10), 21 Zickler (maybe because of 11, dont know any other reason.) 22 Tomic and 23 Probst were Amateur Goalkeeper
    In UEFA Cup only 1-11 was allowed, Strunz was often 4, so the 8 was free for Herzog or Sforza. Sforza also played with 6 replacing Hamann, and in the beginning, Herzog played with 10. Klinsmann was always No. 9, Papin was 11 .
    The next time i tell about the german national Team from 1990 to 2016.
    From 1-11 ; with 1-18 which let Ballack and Jeremies allowing to wear the 13 and 16; with squad numbers before wc 2006 with lehmanns 9 and deisler and mertesacker with their Club numbers 26 and 29 in it. ; with numbers after wc 2006 from 1-42 :-O ; the rule before world Cup 2010 in qualifiers only numbers 1-18 were allowed and the changes : Boateng from 20 to 17 after mertesacker left; Reus from 21 to 11 after Klose left, later Draxler to schweinsteigers 7, and Özil went from 8 to 10 after Podolski left and following Kroos went from 18 to 8.

  4. bvb09
    December 29, 2017 at 10:42 — Reply

    How Steffen Freund gets Number 4 as a Midfielder in Dortmund 1994/95.
    There was the plan, that the Team was built in following way.
    1 Klos in Goal, 5 Cesar as Libero, 3 Schmidt(right) and 4 Kree(left) as defense Players as well. in Midfield from right to left: 7 Reuter, 8 Zorc, 10 Möller, 6 Sammer and 2 Reinhardt. and in front 11 Riedle and 9 Chapuisat.
    First match 6 was missed and let Thomas Franck played with 6 in Midfield as his Substitute. Then Cesar was injured a few games, witch let Sammer playes Libero with his 6 and let Franck played with 5 on the midfield Position.
    In only one match (Motherwell) Dortmund playes with the original planned Team from 1-11
    Then they decided to let Sammer Play Libero and Cesar takes the part from Kree. But both used their planned Numbers so 4 was free for midfield, first it was Franck played there but then Freunds time came.
    Kree sometimes played for Sammer, Cesar or Schmidt and gets the numbers 6,5 or 3. And Nr.2 if he played Left Midfield.
    In only one match he wore 4 , there was a game, Freund and Sammer wasnt able to Play, Kree and Zelic came in, and they take the Numbers from the original plan with Zelic on 6 in Midfield

    How Bayern gave their numbers in 94/95
    The Plan was : 1 Kahn in Goal, 10 Matthäus as Libero, 4 Kreuzer(Right) 5 Helmer (left) defense, midfield from Right to left :l 2 Jorginho, 8 Schupp, 7 Scholl, 6 Nerlinger, 3 Ziege – and 9 Papin and 11 Sutter as Forwards
    Bayern often made a one-to-one number Change. Babbel played with 4 or 5 (or Kuffour, too) for Kreuzer or Helmer. Frey and Sternkopf played with 2 or 3 for Jorginho or Ziege. Hamann played for Schupp, Scholl or Nerlinger with their Numbers (Frey also was a candidate for Schupp or Nerlinger) And in front Zickler and Witeczek played with 9 or 11 if Papin or Sutter missed. (Some games Papin missed, Sutter played with 9, and there were no rules when Witeczek and Zickler played together. It was 9 Witeczek 11 Zickler in the next game it could be 9 Zickler 11 Witeczek,
    There was only ONE extreme Change, after Matthäus was injured.
    10 was free. and Babbel came in, let Helmer played Libero and Babbel on Helmers Position.
    Helmer played with his 5, Babbel took Nr 2, from Jorginho, he on right midfield took 7 from Scholl, and Scholl played with Matthäus´s 10.
    Babbel played every game from then on with 2. Only in one match he wore 4 again, with midfielder Frey played with 2 in defense, because Kuffour and Kreuzer were missed.

    • January 8, 2018 at 09:40 — Reply

      Very interesting stuff BVB – if you’d like to write an article about German numbers, we’d be more than happy!

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Monday 11s – Bundesliga squad numbers quiz