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Monday 11s – Squad number journey quiz

Monday 11s – Squad number journey quiz

Welcome to the 161st edition of Monday 11s.

This week is a ‘journeys’ quiz, and we would usually have you guess the player by the numbers he has worn in his club career. Instead, this week we are showing you the player but omitting one squad number from the sequence, and you must guess what the missing shirt number is.

When a player has changed clubs and been given the same number at his new side, this is represented with the same number twice in a row.

Also, remember that the numbers shown may not constitute all of those worn in a player’s career, but they will be sequential. Where a player has worn a different number in European competition to his domestic number in the same season, only the domestic number counts.

Good luck and let us know how you did by tweeting @squadnos!

Monday 11s – January 27th, 2020 – Squad number journey

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Monday 11s – Squad number journey quiz